Sportmaxx Content Sportmaxx™

We have designed orthotics specifically for every major sport out there. Equip your patients with the exact orthotic they need for their sport.

  • Baseball Sportmaxx™


    A multi-faceted device for batting, running bases and playing a field position. Provides excellent correction and shock absorption for play on varying surfaces, including artificial surfaces.

  • Basketball Sportmaxx™


    Provides ultimate foot control for the athlete requiring full biomechanical correction during stop-and-go and multi-directional play on the court. Premium top cover and shock absorbing materials provide superior protection and cushioning.

  • Basketball Flexx Sportmaxx™

    Basketball (Flexx)

    For the player who requires biomechanical correction during stop-and-go and multi-directional play on the court, but also requires shock absorption from a more accommodative device. This version of the Pro-Basketball model uses a more flexible, yet still supportive, orthotic module.

  • Crosstrainer Sportmaxx™


    A multi-faceted device for various cross-training activities. Provides the ultimate in biomechanical control and shock-absorption throughout a range of movements while the synthetic suede top cover reduces friction for activity on varying surfaces.

  • Football Sportmaxx™


    Provides ultimate motion control and biomechanical correction, yet allows the necessary pronatory and supinatory motions required in football. Shock absorbing qualities needed in the sport, especially for play on artificial turf, are addressed with premium top cover and cushioning materials.

  • Golf Sportmaxx™


    Designed as a multi-faceted device for walking and stance support. The first-ray cut out allows the foot to transfer throughout the golf swing. The synthetic suede top cover reduces friction during lateral motions and provides excellent shock absorption and durability for the avid golfer.

  • Hockey Sportmaxx™


    Designed to ensure that the foot begins in a neutral position, this orthotic allows precise amounts of pronation and supination to occur for optimal power in the skating stride. Eliminates functional hypermobility and the resulting loss of power found in excessively pronated feet. Practitioner must provide boot make, model and size for custom fit (boot size often differs from shoe size).

  • Marathoner Sportmaxx™


    Created to give the ultimate stability and shock-absorption for runners. Biomechanical correction is provided throughout the running step. The orthotic is designed to maintain its shape and supportive qualities over this repetitive cycle.

  • Ski Sportmaxx™


    Developed to provide the platform to begin each turn with neutrally positioned feet. This orthotic encourages the precise degrees of pronation and supination that are integrated with other skiing biomechanics to edge the ski and produce quality curved turns. Practitioner must provide boot make, model and size for custom fit (boot size often differs from shoe size).

  • Soccer Sportmaxx™


    The low profile, narrow structure of this orthotic addresses the space limitations found in soccer cleats. This orthotic provides the same correction and foot protection found in all Sportmaxx models.

  • Tennis Sportmaxx™


    Designed for the many stresses the foot goes through during play on the court, this orthotic model supports the foot through extreme stop-and-go and multi-directional movements, as well as extreme forefoot shock.