Brian Boutilier, MS, PT

Brian Boutilier, Major (Ret) is a graduate of the US Army-Baylor Graduate program with a Masters in Physical Therapy. Mr. Boutilier’s professional career has given him broad experience in sports medicine, orthopedics, acute care and trauma, injury prevention, health promotion and teaching. Among his postings were Evan Army Community Hospital, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Ft. Bliss(Sergeants Major Academy), Ft. Sam Houston, Ft. Drum, and Iraq. While at Fort Drum, Major Boutilier created a 3-year research program for monitoring Division Injury Rates, and instituted a running shoe fitting intervention program that resulted in a 45% reduction in Injury Rate for 10th Mountain soldiers. Upon retirement from the Army, Boutilier decided to make his permanent home in the North Country. He treats patients in the Watertown office.  His treatment style is heavy in manual therapies, hands on, one-on-one care.