Post-Concussion Watertown & Oswego, NY


Concussion is complex and can be difficult to treat. Our therapist are specially trained in vision, cognitive, and sports therapies to get you back on the field or back to work.

What Can Cause A Concussion?

Concussion is a brain injury that occurs when the brain is violently shaken. The injury can happen during rapid movement changes (such as whiplash) or when the head is directly hit. This shaking or hitting of the head causes unpredictable injury to any area of the brain, resulting in immediate or delayed changes in the brain’s chemistry and function.

Less than 10% of concussions involve a loss of consciousness. Depending on which area of the brain suffers injury, many different temporary or permanent problems with brain function can occur such, as headaches, dizziness, cognitive changes, visual changes, depression, and sleep disturbances.

Concussions can happen at any time throughout the lifespan and are typically caused by motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, work injuries, slips, trips or falls, and/or a falling object. It is important to get treatment for your concussion right away to ensure the fastest recovery. Left untreated, concussions can even inhibit growth in young children, and bring on early dementia for older patients. Our physical therapist will provide activity modifications and restrictions throughout your rehab process and communicate with various medical providers.

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