Rob A.

I had the pleasure of working with Adirondack Therapy on getting my hamstring back in shape after surgery. This is the third time I’ve had to go to physical therapy and I couldn’t have asked for better therapist to work with me. Everyone, including the administrative assistant were so friendly and helpful with working with my schedule to fit me in 2-3 times a week. Michele, Jason, and Bill were so helpful in explaining why we were doing certain exercises and describing my progress and making sure I had the tools to continue the work at home during and after my therapy was over. Not only are all the therapist helpful and knowledgeable, but are so fun to talk to for the 60 minutes I spent with them.  I’m very glad I found this recovery center, not only for the work I’ve had done on my neck, back, and leg, but for the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting while I was there.